Creating a Docker Network with macvlan Driver

Creating a Docker Network with macvlan Driver


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In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of creating a Docker network named news on App Server in the Datacenter. We'll configure it to use the macvlan driver and set it to use a specific subnet and IP range.


  • Access to the host server.

  • Docker installed and running on the host.

  • Basic understanding of Docker networking concepts.

Task Overview:

The task involves setting up a Docker network named news with specific configuration settings:

  • Using the macvlan driver.

  • Configuring the network to use subnet

  • Setting the IP range to

1. SSH into the Host Server:

First, establish an SSH connection to App Server 1 where you intend to create the Docker network.

ssh user@app_server1_ip

Replace user with your username and app_server1_ip with the IP address of App Server.

2. Create the Docker Network:

Once logged in, execute the following command to create the Docker network news with the specified configuration:

docker network create --driver macvlan --subnet --ip-range news

This command creates a Docker network named news, using the macvlan driver, and assigns it the subnet with the IP range

3. Verify the Network Configuration:

To ensure that the network has been created with the correct settings, you can inspect its details using the docker network inspect command:

docker network inspect news

This command provides detailed information about the news network, including its configuration parameters such as driver, subnet, IP range, and more. Verify that the settings match the requirements specified in the task.


In this tutorial, you learned how to create a Docker network named news on App Server using the macvlan driver. By configuring the network with specific subnet and IP range settings, you can ensure proper network isolation and connectivity for your Docker containers, facilitating the deployment of various applications in Docker environments.